The hell is even going on...

~Internet obsessed teenager~

~listens to great music~

~reads too much~

~easily inspired~

Oh & I reblog EVERYTHING!!!! So enjoy lovely person that's looking at my blogg!

  • British Blogger: Ok now listen here you dumb fockin Americans know what this is? *shows pic of bubblegum* We call this a Sniksmacksnibblebob which you uncultured fockin twats would know nothing about.
  • Me: Chill

AHS Freakshow though……


Okay so that premiere was amazing. I am already loving this season.


Every time it came on screen I was like…

When it started running towards that girl in the field…

And this season will definitely live up to it’s name. 

And then Ryan Murphy…

He is going to give us all a damn heart attack